Suteki is a Japanese word that means great; lovely; splendid; or wonderful.

Inspiration taken from the heart of Japan.

Even our logo was designed with a very famous Kyoto Japanese garden as inspiration. Years of study was done to seek out and understand the breathtaking world of the Japanese garden. Both traditional and modern designs fuse minimalism and boldness together with nature for the ultimate statement.

Personalizing Your Space

At Suteki we strive to make each space your own. Why settle on generic landscaping and garden design with minimal thought to you or anything else. You are the one who has to live with it.

Most Zen gardens in Japan were made to convey a certain place or feeling to the owner. Many are miniturizations of actual places that are beloved and made in a way that give the feeling of oneness with that place. Some are made to amplify the uniqueness of nature in its present space.

Modern garden spaces are made to show coexistence with nature and man made structure and order that compliment each other.

The most important role we serve is to bring you a space that is personalized to you and has great meaning to you. That is what makes us different. That is what makes us “Suteki”!

Every unused or neglected space can be transformed into a focal point of natural enjoyment For the observer.

Exterior Space Design

From colors, textures and substrate choices we can put together designs that will seamlessly compliment existing architecture and landscape elements.

Exterior Painting

We specialize in custom and special request painting and coating. Have an unusual idea? Connect with us to discuss the possibilities.


Zen gardens, rock gardens, moss gardens, modern or futuristic gardens or any mixture in between. The gardens are a labour of love so let us do the labour so all you have to do is love them.

Bridges and pergolas

Slight arc traditional Japanese style and modern style in various colors and finishes from 6 feet to 16 feet span.

In pond bridges made of cedar custom designed for your particular application.

Japanese Garden Bridge


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